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welcome cARI

This is your personal client portal that only you have access to. Here you will find files to download, review, provide feedback and submit approvals. You will also be able to submit payments and see a progress board that will show you where we are in the process.



launch date


design objective
Create a website where Cari can have control of and the ability to make changes when she needs them made. The website will also be given an update to give it a fresh start for the new year.


  • Two web design mockup options - pdf

  • Two rounds of revisions (if needed)

  • Final mockup of approved web design - pdf

  • Fully functional website that is pushed live by desired date


progress board



service agreement signed

deposit paid


strategy & design

Design mockups sent to client

a design mockup given final approval


design launch

website built in wix & review link sent to client

clients given final approval of website

website pushed live

project phases



Here you will find your Design Proposal & Service Agreement along with a link to pay your 50% deposit.

Phase two will begin once the agreement has been signed and the deposit has been paid.

Design Proposal & Service Agreement



strategy & design

This phase is all about discovery and strategy. Based off the information I have gathered through our discussions, I will be using that knowledge to build two proposed visual directions for your website.

What to expect:

  1. You will be notified when design options are available for review. Click buttons on the right to download files.

  2. Review and provide feedback in the form to the right.

  3. If there are changes, I will make them, upload new files, and notify you when files are ready.

  4. Once a final design mockup has been approved by you phase two will begin.

design mockup 1

design mockup 2

Which round of feedback is this?

Thank you for your feedback!



design launch

Yay! You have approved a website design. From here I build your website through Wix and provide you with the ability to review and test it out before it is pushed live.

What to expect:

  1. I begin building your website in Wix.

  2. You will be notified once it is ready for your review before it is pushed live.

  3. You review and provide feedback.

  4. Once website is approved by you it will be pushed live on your desired date.


Thank you for your feedback!