• Rachel Voge

What Hello Today means to us

Within a 2 week time frame of finding out we had a miscarriage and Andy being diagnosed with appendix cancer, the word unknown set up shop in our front yard very quickly. Going through the unknown can bring such an anxious mind and an anxious mind can bring havoc to our lives. There are days when our minds and thoughts are uncontrollable and brings us to very dark places. Lately we’ve been praying continuously for God to give peace to our minds and although we believe He has the power to do so we also believe that He gave us the ability to communicate for a reason. When we say communicate we are talking about the raw and terrifying conversations, the things that we are too scared to talk about and the questions we don’t want to ask because we are too afraid of the answers. These are the conversations that help us through the unknown.

When we have leaned into those difficult conversation and asked those hard questions it was through it that we found a small sense of peace. You see, when darkness is in the dark it consumes the dark, but when it’s exposed to light it has no choice but to be light. This is the same for those difficult conversations. When they are exposed they bring a small sense of lightness. Andy and I have made a promise to each other to expose those dark thoughts and to have those difficult conversations even when it’s uncomfortable. In doing so it’s been a therapeutic way of putting one step in front of the other.

Hello Today represents us greeting each day. It’s a proclamation to face the day with whatever it brings. It’s a a space for us to share our journey through the unknown while focusing on today. We will soak in the good days and drag the bad days into the light. We will have the difficult conversations and ask the uncomfortable questions. Each day we will say “hello today”.

A journey in and of itself brings highs and lows and we are choosing to openly share them with you. Our journey is going to consist of many things from traveling, things we’ve learned along the way, adventures, difficulties and so much more. Our hope is that this is a place where we not only share our journey but inspire you in ways that help you to grow and ultimately see and trust God in dark places.

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