• Rachel Voge

Stopping everything.

This is part one of a three part blog where Andy and I are going to walk through our season of having to stop everything. We will walk through the things we’ve done and are doing during this season.

In the summer of 2018 Andy and I made a conscious decision to slow our life down. We were at a point where our hands were dipped in many different areas. They were all good areas, it was just a lot. We both worked full time jobs, Andy worked part time at our church, I owned and ran a side business, we just finished a year long complete renovation of our house, and we just got licensed to do foster care.

We recognized for a while that we were doing a lot but it didn’t hit us until the renovation. The renovation was a complete gut of our kitchen, main living area, and all of our basement. We even moved our stair case from the center of the house to run along the side.

My husband is a DIYer to his core so we did everything ourselves along with help from family and friends. It sounded like an awesome idea before we started but we then quickly realized how much everything pilled up. We both worked full time during the day, came home and worked on the house till midnight and also on weekends all while still living there. We reached our max and to be be honest we had many melt downs. We were in over our heads but had no choice other than to push through, which we are very glad we did 🙂 Below is a before and after of our main living/kitchen area taken in the same spot. To this day we still haven’t put up all the kitchen cabinet doors. We don’t even notice it anymore 🙂

After the remodel we continued to recognize that we needed to slow down but we didn’t know how and since we didn’t know how we continued life at the same pace. It was a constant struggle of chasing slow but not slowing down.

When I found out I was pregnant it was a definite kick in the pants to slow down and reevaluate the things we were involved in. We knew things had to change. The renovation was done so things already were slowing down, but we also made a conscious decision for Andy to quite working at the church. His last day was going to be the end of March but once we found out about Andy’s cancer and when his surgery date was, his last day ended up being the beginning of February.

At this point our who life came to a grinding stop. Things slowed down at an instant. It may not have been the way we envisioned it but it made stop us anyway.

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