• Rachel Voge

Minnesota to Utah

Andy and I had a desire about a year ago to travel but in a different way. Not just to fly different places or take a short road trip for the weekend but to uproot ourselves from our day-to-day life and move into a 5th wheel and travel for however long we felt was right. This has required a lot of moving parts.

In December of 2019 we sold our house, almost all of our furniture, and many of our possessions. We had just remodeled the entire house to be exactly how we wanted it. We thought this was going to be the house we would spend many years in. It probably could have been, but being where we are now i’m grateful for the timing. This was one of the most difficult decision we have had to make so far along this journey. Being removed though, I can see Gods goodness in it all. We thought we were remodeling and putting in a lot of equity into the house for us to enjoy living in for many years but seeing it now it has allowed us to be financially in a place to travel. The house was a tool that God gave to help us along this journey.

Another big moving part was our jobs. We have been working with Andy’s work to allow him to work remote for an extended period of time. It’s been a long time in the making but one that’s paid off because we got it approved! This was a huge green light for us and a push forward in our planning. Along with that Rachel quit her job to pursue freelancing which would allow her to work remote as well.

Last but not least we found a great truck and 5th wheel. We are convinced that the previous owners of the truck were snow birds that pulled a 5th wheel south for the winter. No rust, insanely clean inside and already 5th wheel prepped. Couldn’t be happier!

Among many other moving parts, on March 7th we official set off on a 4 week trip for Southern Utah. The warmer weather and endless amount of hiking was calling our name. It took us three days to get to Southern Utah. We stopped in Nebraska, Colorado and 1,500 miles later we made it to Utah!

This season our life has been nothing short of adventurous and that’s the way we hope to keep it.

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