• Rachel Voge

John 10:10

Written by: Rachel

Growing up I had a youth pastor who quoted the verse John 10:10 all the time. I laugh every time I hear this verse because He would say it so often that It became one of those laughing eye roll reactions of everyone involved. Thinking back the verse didn’t have much effect on me at the time. It was a verse I heard often but didn’t understand the warning of danger it bring along with the life it gives.

“The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  John 10:10

Let’s camp at the danger this verse is warning us about. Steal, kill, and destroy. Three words that are so destructive and sometimes difficult to right away notice the destructiveness it’s doing in our lives.

It’s been 7+ months since Andy was diagnosed with cancer and some days are way easier and lighter than others. I soak those days in like the first day of warm spring. But there are still days and weeks where negative thoughts, emotions and fears flow in like a flood. Those days are difficult to control and contain.

I remember recently a week where so many negative thoughts of myself, God, Andy, cancer, the present, and the future were weighing heavily on my heart and mind. All these thoughts were un-true and destructive but in the day to day I couldn’t see it and I started to believe it. There was a particular day I was driving home from work where I physically felt this frustration with how I was feeling. I was annoyed with what I was feeling and my body knew it needed to leave before I mentally understood it.

What came next is something I have done a few times before and since have been doing more often because of the power it holds. There is something so powerful in speaking your fear out loud and telling it to leave. There are instances in the Bible where Jesus says out loud “Get out of here, Satan” (Matthew 4:10),  “Get behind me, Satan!” (Matthew 16:23). If I believe that the Holy Spirit lives inside of me I also believe that I have the same power to speak those words. So I did just that. Out loud in my car I said “Satan, get behind me. You have no power over me”. From that experience on my whole attitude and physical feeling shifted. The weight I felt was lifted because it no longer had the space to stay.

I believe the Holy Spirit works in ways that are unique to each of us and I honestly don’t think I would have realized the destructiveness of my thoughts if it wasn’t for the way the Holy Spirit lead me to see it.

John 10:10 has brought on a new light. What was once a verse that had little to no effect on me has now become a verse that I repeat to myself. It’s a reminder to be aware that the thief’s goal is to steel, kill and destroy BUT that thief has no power over me because I have a God who has come to bring life and He has already won.

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