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I recently read The Magnolia Story and fell in love with the writing style they chose. It was a conversational piece where it showed both Chip and Joanna’s perspective and personality. It got me thinking about Hello Today and how this blog is about our journey together. We both have our own perspectives and personalities and what a better way to show that than to write posts together. You will start to see posts where either Andy or myself are writing it and the other is commenting or providing their perspective. Enjoy!

Written by: Andy

I read a lot lately on happiness. How we as a culture are really good at using happiness as a reward for reaching a goal. I constantly tell myself I’ll be happy when I graduate, happy when I have a job, happy when I get married, happy when I have a shorter commute, happy when the debts are paid off and on and on. Those were all good goals to have and important things to achieve in life, but after I achieved each one of them I found a new goal to chase with the promise that the new achievement would really bring happiness.

Those goals did bring us happiness. Heck I’m still happy that our commutes went from 1+ hours to 20 min! But once those goals settled into our day to day life they became normal and there was another goal around the corner to bring us our new form of happiness. – Rachel

Right after surgery I thought that maybe the recovery process would make me happy. I would have a chance to sit, read a book, watch movies and just relax. But after a few days of that I realized that I am not cut out for sitting around for very long.

If you know Andy at all he is always working on something. He is usually building or fixing something. I remember saying one day how it would be nice to have a small coffee table. From my point of view I meant trying to find a reasonably priced one to buy. Days later he comes into the house with a herringbone patterned coffee table made out of wood! Shows how much I pay attention because I had no clue what he was doing in the garage. – Rachel

This last week our church started to move into their new building and I went to help them get audio and video cables run. That was the first time since surgery that I really worked on something. I have done projects around the house since then but at a much more relaxed pace. It felt really good to get back to full speed on a project and work hard for a few hours straight and at the end be able to step back and see a job well done.

It brings me joy to watch Andy get back to his normal speed. Andy is always imagining, dreaming, or creating something. It’s what he does. It’s who he is. He’s an imaginative person who loves to figure things out. He can be dreaming of RV living one day to how to create a custom railing for our stairs the next. I see the joy that dreaming and innovation brings. – Rachel

I think that is my happy place. I know for a lot of people they talk about their happy place on a beach or a boat or somewhere sitting and relaxing. I think mine is those minutes after I finish something that I put a lot of work into and I get to step back and see what I did and accept the fact that it was a job well done.

It’s exciting as his wife to be able to share that happiness with him. – Rachel

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