• Rachel Voge


Lately it’s been on our hearts that something in our life is going to change. We are on a journey to figure out exactly what that is but we both feel some kind of movement happening. God has been showing himself to us in different ways and we are excited to see what He’s going to do next.

Right now as we are typing this we are driving back home from Bayfield, WI. Looking back at ourselves a year ago we would have never taken the time to explore and experience what’s around us as much as we are this year.

We realized that in the past we have spent most of our time fixing, maintaining, and accumulating stuff. While none of that is bad, our perspective on life has just changed. We were too busy focusing on the stuff that we had possession of rather than focusing on ourselves and relationships.

In the state of life that we are in now we have felt the need to downsize and assess our possessions. We started with what still has dust on it from when we remodeled. If it had dust them it obviously wasn’t used in a while… 🙂 From there we’ve been going through every drawer, cabinet, closet and room looking through everything.

For me stuff started to bring stress and guilt. We decided to end our foster care license and a part of me felt guilt for doing that. Why stop doing something that is extremely needed? At the same time why continue to do something when you mentally cannot provide? We had a set of bunk beds in our spare room for when we did respite and they have sat there collecting more stuff. Every time I would walk into the room the beds would remind me of what we decided to say no to. It brought guilt every time. A couple weeks ago we decided to sell them on Facebook market and it brought freedom. I felt the weight lift off.

We don’t know what our next chapter in life will bring but we do know that what’s important to us right now is experiencing things and making memories verses collecting and maintaining things. This is our first step towards making room for what is to come.

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